89701 | 11/10/2017 | Ad id: 7-0000142713

BEFORE THE PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION OF NEVADA NOTICE OF JOINT PETITION The Regulatory Operations Staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada ("Commission") and K&C Construction LLC ("K&C") (together, the "Parties") filed with the Commission a Joint Petition, designated as Docket No. 17-10025, requesting the Commission accept a stipulation regarding violations of Nevada's One Call Law by K&C. The Parties filed the Joint Petition pursuant to the Nevada Revised Statutes ("NRS") and the Nevada Administrative Code ("NAC"), Chapters 455, 703, and 704, including, but not limited to, NAC 703.540. This Notice serves only to notify the public that the Commission has received the above-referenced filing. It is the responsibility of interested persons to review the filing and monitor the proceedings to determine their desired levels of involvement based on how this matter may affect their unique situations. The details provided within this Notice are for informational purposes only and are not meant to be an all-inclusive overview of the filing. The Commission may consider and adopt alternative proposals not contained within the filing but which are related to the subject matter of the filing and supported by substantial evidence. Interested persons may file comments at either of the Commission's offices on or before WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2017. The Joint Petition is available for public viewing on the Commission's website:; and at the offices of the Commission: 1150 East William Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701 and 9075 W. Diablo Drive, Suite 250, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148. To receive any further notices in this matter, a person must request in writing to be placed on the service list for this proceeding. By the Commission, /s/ TRISHA OSBORNE, Assistant Commission Secretary Dated: Carson City, Nevada 11/1/17 (SEAL) Pub: November 10, 2017 Ad #0000142713