Douglas County Board of Commissioners

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Douglas County Board of Commissioners Meeting Public Hearing Notice A meeting of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners will be held on December 5, 2019 beginning at 1:00 pm.* The meeting will be held at the Douglas County Historic Courthouse, 1616 8th Street, Minden, Nevada. The application(s) below will be considered under the Public Hearing portion of the meeting. Please consult the Douglas County Clerk for a final agenda. The final agenda will be posted on the County's website at: *Meeting time and location are subject to change. Please check the website for time and location updates. For possible action. Discussion on a variance to allow construction of 300 feet of storm drain infrastructure and associated improvements including realignment of the Martin Slough prior to receiving a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The subject parcel is located at the terminus of High School Street, north west of the intersection with Gilman Avenue and has no assigned address in Gardnerville, within the PF (Public Facilities) zoning district and the Gardnerville Community Plan area. The applicant is the Town of Gardnerville. (APN 1320-36-002-021). Development Application DP 19-0468. Case Planner: Louis Cariola 775-782-6200 Email Me The files associated with this hearing are available for public inspection at the Douglas County Community Development Department, Planning Division Counter, Minden Inn, Room 202, 1594 Esmeralda Avenue, Minden, NV. Questions can be directed to the Case Planner above or fax comments to 775-782-9007. Pub: November 21, 2019 Ad#0000513204