Notice is HEREBY GIVEN that the rights,

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Notice is HEREBY GIVEN that the rights, title and interest of the following Person or Persons in the property listed below currently stored at Carson Highlands Storage, will be sold at a Public Sale through the online platform, closing on February 6th, 2020 at 11:00 AM "mp" stands for miscellaneous personal" B88H Gary Swope - air compressor, AC unit, exhaust fan, my boxes, truck seats, vacuum, tent, tire, wood, bench grinder, beach chairs, ammo D169D Dustin Paxton bench grinder, chairs, table fishing rod, log, bike, gas can, drill press, mp boxes D172D Korey Risi file cabinet, stool, mirror, ladder, desk, mp boxes, xl propane tank, metal shelf E250A Kahlena Harris hampers, umbrella lights, chair, ladder, mp bins, shovel, broom E257F Kahlena Harris Hot wheels, mirror, electric car, trike, freezer, dresser, cooler, mattress, lamp, mp boxes, measuring mat, shelving, toys E276D Jacob Martin Nightstands, shelf, books, lamp, computer desk, bags, baseball mitt, clothes, mp boxes G339K Alice Holt mp boxes, cabinets, shelves, suitcases, dollies, chairs, gas cans I11H Korey Risi water machines, vending machine, cappuccino machine, coffee pots, Ford grill, air compressor, power tools, shelving, clothes I13H Katiemae Bergeron grandfather clock, couch, clothes, crate, yard tools, tree trimmings, mp boxes J10F Jared Harmon shelves, TVs, tool box, stool, ladder, computers, go cart K15H Daniel Brown tool box. TV stand, table & chairs, taxidermy, bolt cutters, tools, weights, shop vac, clock, lamps, jack, fan The Owner of Agent reserves the right to bid at the sale. Purchases must be made with CASH ONLY (no checks) and paid for at the time of purchase, and in accordance with all's payment policies. All purchased goods are sold "as is" and must be removed at the time of purchase. Sale subject to prior cancellation in the event of settlement between Owner/Agent and obligated Party. Pub: January 25, February 1, 2020 Ad#0000542555