Douglas County Water Conveyance Advisory

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Douglas County Water Conveyance Advisory Committee Public Hearing A meeting of the Douglas County Water Conveyance Advisory Committee will be held on September 3, 2019 at 4:00 PM. The meeting will be held at 1594 Esmeralda Avenue, Room 306, Minden, NV. The application below will be considered under the Public Hearing portion of the meeting. Please consult the Douglas County Community Development Department Planning Division Counter, Minden Inn, Room 202 for the final agenda. The final agenda will be posted on the County's website at For possible action. Discussion on owner developing a small portion of their existing property with building pads for a home, barn, septic mound system, and also a driveway to Highway 88. There are three locations where the driveway will cross three separate ditches on their property, one of the three locations has a 24" CMP in place. The owner proposes to construct a 31 foot 29"x42" corrugated metal solid pipe over the second ditch on their property, and the third ditch to the far west will not be impacted by development. The owner has elected to include three additional culverts under the proposed residential driveway to better facilitate and maintain the current means of irrigation of the site in which return flows from the subject property are collected in an existing ditch running east-west on and along the southern boundary of the adjacent property to the north. The driveway and ditch improvements will be completed under a Site Improvement Permit and the building pads will be completed under a Building Permit(s). The subject parcel is located at 538 Highway 88, Gardnerville, in the A-19 (Agricultural) zoning district, in the South Agricultural Community Plan Area. The applicant is Dan Piccinini. (APN 1220-30-001-005). Application DP19-0380. Case Engineer: Barbra Resnik 775-782-6234 Email Me The files associated with this hearing are available for public inspection at the Douglas County Community Development, Planning Department, Minden Inn, Room 202, 1594 Esmeralda Avenue, Minden, NV. Questions can be directed to the Case Engineer above. Pub: August 22, 2019 Ad#0000472404