Notice of Lien Sale Notice is hereb

89410 | 02/09/2019 | Ad id: 7-0000379379

Notice of Lien Sale Notice is hereby given that the following individuals are indebted to Stor-All at 1456 D Industrial Way, Gardnerville, Nevada 89410 for past due rent and other charges. Auction will be conducted pursuant to NRS 108.473 thru NRS 108.4783. Auction will be conducted online at, starting February 19, 2019, ending February 26, 2019. Stor-All reserves the right to bid on any unit. Sale of a unit is subject to cancellation in the event of a settlement between Landlord and obligated party. Sheri Hines #219 10×10 Driftwood, Side tables, fishing pole, bar stool, bed frame Veronica Mayerson #229 5×10 CD's, dresser, suit cases, area rug Patricia Felch #230 5×10 Space heater, fan, large duffle bag Earnest E Stahl #260 14×30 Dresser, mattresses, dryer, boxes Shawn McKown #093 10×16 scooter, mattresses, boxes, tire chains Shawn McKown #448 10×15 TV's, boxes, cart, walker Shawn McKown #449 10×15 TV, totes, bags, clothes Lawrence Haines #485 5×10 Desk, tubs, boxes, paintings Sierra NV Active 20/30 #503 5×10 Tubs, rubber ducks, duck suit Michael Humes #407 5×10 Bed frame, Weber BBQ, antique radio Sherry Blackburn #502 5×10 Wicker chairs, boxes, lamp, chest, golf club bag Pub: February 9, 16, 2019 Ad#379379