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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PLACER COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS WHERE: Board of Supervisors' Chambers, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, CA 95603. WHEN; November 20, 2018; 10:00 a.m. SUBJECT: CHAPTER 17 ZONING TEXT AMENDMENT, (PLN18-00284), STATUTORY EXEMPTION, ALL SUPERVISORIAL DISTRICTS Notice is hereby given that the Placer County Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing on the date and time noted above, in order to consider the Planning Commission's August 9, 2018 recommendation to repeal and replace Placer County Code, Chapter 17 (Zoning Ordinance) to incorporate amendments to the same. The proposed zoning text amendments (ZTA) are intended to clarify and simplify implementation and interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance. The most significant changes in the proposed ZTA include the creation of a Street-Side Setback requirement and revisions to the nuisance abatement process. Additionally, the proposed ZTA would include revisions to the "Definitions", "Allowable Land Uses and Permit Requirements", "General Development Regulations", "Antennae and Communications Facilities" and "Solar". The Board of Supervisors will also consider amendments to Section 17.040.030 - Definitions of Land uses, Specialized Terms and Phrases; Section 17.060.060 - Zone District Regulations; Section 17.080.010 Agricultural Exclusive (AE); Section 17.10.010 Farm (F) District; Section 17.12.010 Forestry (FOR); Section 17.14.010 Open Space (O); Section 17.16.010 Timberland Production (TPZ); Section 17.18.010 Water Influence (W); Section 17.20.010 Commercial Planned Development (CPD); Section 17.22.010 General Commercial (C2); Section 17.24.010 Heavy Commercial (C3); Section 17.26.010 Highway Service (HS); Section 17.30.010 Neighborhood Commercial (C1); Section 17.32.010 Office Professional (OP); Section 17.34.010 Resort (RES); Section 17.36.010 Airport (AP); Section 17.38.010 Business Park (BP); Section 17.40.010 Industrial (IN); Section 17.42.010 Industrial Park (INP); Section 17.44.010 Residential Agriculture (RA); Section 17.46.010 Residential Forest (RF); Section 17.48.010 Residential Multi Family (RM); Section 17.50.010 Residential Single Family (RS); Section 17.52.040 Building Site (-B); Section 17.52.060 Density Limitation (-DL); Section 17.54.010 General Development Regulations; 17.54.020 Height Limit Exceptions; Section 17.54.040 Minimum Parcel Standards; Section 17.54.070 Design and Improvement of Parking; Section 17.54.130 Setbacks and Yards; Section 17.54.140 Exceptions to Front, Side and Rear Setbacks; Section 17.54.150 Projections into Required Setbacks Building Features and Equipment; Section 17.54.160 Interior Setbacks; Section 17.54.180 On Premise Signs; Section 17.56.010 Specific Use Requirements; Section 17.56.060 Antennae, Communications Facilities; Section 17.56.110 Explosive Manufacturing and Storage; Section 17.56.240 Snow Tunnels, Seasonal; Section 17.56.250 Storage, Accessory Indoor and Outdoor; Section 17.56.300 Ground Mounted Solar Electric Generating Systems; Section 17.58.160 Permit Time Limits, Exercising of Permits, and Extensions; and Section 17.62.160 Nuisance Abatement. Additionally, the Board of Supervisors will consider a finding of a Statutory Exemption pursuant to Section 15061(b)(3) of the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines. Administrative remedies must be exhausted prior to an action being initiated in a court of law. If the proposed action is challenged in court, one may be limited to those issues raised at the public hearing described in this notice or in written correspondence delivered prior to the public hearing. All letters, written materials, studies or reports, in excess of one (1) page should be delivered to the Clerk of the Board, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Room 101 Auburn, CA 95603, at least 24 hours or (1) business working day prior to the beginning of the meeting as noticed above. Further information on the proposed project can be obtained by calling the Community Development/Resource Agency at (530) 745-3000 or 1-800-488-4308, ext. 3000 during normal business hours. Interested persons are invited to attend the hearing or submit written comments. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Clerk of the Board, Megan Wood Planning Staff, George Rosasco By: Deputy Clerk of the Board, Gina Fleming Pub: November 9, 2018 Ad#0000334332